Carpathian Packaged Bees
Carpathian Packaged Bees

Carpathian Packaged Bees

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 4 LB  Package with Queen

The Niagara Beeway experience with clients in Canada over the past few years have confirmed the value of the best genetics from Ukraine. We source our bees and queens directly from our sister Apiary in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. These yards are rigorously monitored and state licensed for traceability and guarantees quality of breeding. 

Carpathian Mountain bees perform best in cold climates with short growing seasons. In contrast to field bees, Carpathian bees have a short cycle and only require a nectar flow for 2.5 months to complete their season. These bees are not recommended for Southern Ontario or similar climates that have a five-month nectar cycle duration. These bees are best suited for early commercial crop pollination and mid-season splitting in July. 

Their superior genetics produce a mild tempered bee that can withstand our severe Canadian weather conditions. Because of its longer proboscis, they are able to forage on a very broad range of plants under challenging weather conditions. Our clients in Northern Ontario have witnessed rapid wax drawing and early and prolific brood production as well as above average volumes of honey. The second generation are showing good genetic stability and the drone activity is helping to build stronger bee yards for Canadian Beekeepers. 

We sell within Canada only and delivery is pick up at Pearson Airport or from your authorized distributor. Direct shipping is available for an additional fee and will be quoted separately COD, our importer will contact you directly with calculated costs to ship to your location.

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