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My story - We love our bees and want to tell the world about it! 

You can help us rebuilt pollinator friendly environments for bees & insects by purchasing items from our store or joining a local Honey fundraiser. 

I am a professional photographer and writer and began to take an interest in the plight of the bees when I wrote an article about the declining population of bees and natural pollinators due to herbicides and pesticides. Since that time I have become fascinated by these tiny creatures who have such a huge responsibility in keeping our planet alive with plants and trees that feed humans, and all the animals, birds, and insects of this earth.

In recent years, the population of bees and pollinating insects has been in huge decline due to stress from environmental issues and chemical poisoning that is causing wide spread death. During the winter, when bees feed on their honey that is poisoned with these chemicals, it creates hive collapse. The colony suffers instant death leaving no queen bees to lay eggs which will hatch and become the next year's offspring. Without bees, moths, and insects to pollinate the flowers and trees, we will have no fruits, vegetables, nuts or grains to feed humanity. 

Fortunately, many passionate people have risen to the challenge of protecting our bee population, by becoming backyard beekeepers, creating bee sanctuaries, bee friendly cities, and supporting local apiaries and honey producers. We are partnered with Niagara Beeway's apiary and environmental restoration projects.

By purchasing items from this site, you support the Canadian Beekeepers and help unite environmentalists around the world with T-shirts and products that raise awareness and make others more BEE AWARE!